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    • 超長距離213米對射光電
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    • 產品名稱:TYR-1軟啟
    • T44A40-3P無觸點
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    LangFeng Electric Technology CO.,LTD. is a production, research and development, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, with a pragmatic innovation, integrity win-win situation, the principle of quality service. In energy saving, ceramic mechanical and automation engineering field has a unique advantage! The independent development of new products, patented products: T44A, T44N series contactless contactor. CBQ-1 automatic voltage control board. And is committed to the development of the industry for the integration of product, improve the degree of automation. Company customers to the actual demand of independent research and development of a variety of innovative technology products on the market, welcomed by the majority of customers and trust. Long wind electrical obtained the State Intellectual Property Bureau issued the certificate of patent for invention and utility model patent certificate:
    ● 2009 " a contactless contactor " obtained a utility model patent ( Patent No.: ZL200920224997.3 products registered trademarks: Lang wind )
    ● 2012 " a reversible contactless contactor " obtained a utility model patent ( Patent No.: ZL2012200954707 .3 products registered trademarks: Lang wind )
    In 2012 an invention patent has been short-listed, patent application number: 201210066774.5
    Of philosophy:
    Pragmatic innovation, integrity and win-win! To the quality of survival, relying on innovation and development! The latest scientific research applied to small and medium-sized enterprises, for enterprises to reduce costs, help the enterprise to realize the maximum profit. For enterprises to provide free equipment improvement design. On the equipment manufacturing enterprises to provide technical cooperation, aimed to improve the total cost under the premise of improving the cost-effective products and market competitiveness.
    The main products and services:
    A: patent product:
    ①: T44A15-3P, T44N15-3P, T44A25-3P, T44 series contactless contactor ( Patent No.: ZL200920224997.3 )
    II: T44AMR25-3P, T44NMR25-3P, T44ZA75-3P non-contact reversing contactor,
    The invention patent application number: 201210066774.5 utility model application number: 201220095470.7
    Two: industry-specific products
    ①: hydraulic industry electromagnetic valve control module ( Group ) TM20D05 ( DC DC ), T44D05 ( DC control AC )
    II: the power grid voltage instability enterprises use CBQ-1 automatic voltage control board.
    ③: soft start ( SCR ) industry with LF-BH series thyristor protection board.
    II: TYR-1 full digital soft start control panel, TYR-3 built-in bypass soft starter.
    ⑤: LFPC series intelligent programmable control panel ( device ), lovers and each enterprise R & D provide convenient conditions. At the same time also makes small quantities of equipment transformation become possible.
    ⑥: TR-CTH50-3P heating industry with three-phase power adjustment controller.
    ⑦: confidentiality for clients a variety of customized proprietary products, customer demand for R & D and production of but not external sales for products.
    Three: Cooperation Service : according to customer requirements, tailor-made for clients of various automation package or the corresponding special products, focusing on preventing competitors imitation, two or more parties signed confidentiality union contract to protect the common interests and market.
    Four: energy saving engineering: professional design, according to the enterprise actual situation of energy utilization, through precise measurement, to determine the energy saving scheme ( free energy ), the main products are TYJD-75 series hydraulic press Saver, Saver ( Thai, vibration, Nasaiti etc.) glaze line to use " glaze ", punch, sewing machines Saver, power saving protector for electric welder etc..
    Five: ceramic machinery: professional design and manufacture of ceramic production line equipment, all kinds of kilns, automatic brick out of the platform, the glaze line, large compensation, large kiln turning machine, large drying kiln turning machine billet, glaze line blanking machine, glaze line compensation, press up machine billet, glaze line, turning machine edge washing machine, turning machine, sweeping the dust machine, dust blowing machine and high-end automatic control. And provided free of charge to reduce the fault rate of the equipment design.
    The details please visit
    Long wind electric main web site: http://www.lf365.com.cn
    Long wind contactless website: http://www.adventuresofamama.com
    Alibaba integrity shops: http://t44a15.1688.com
    Technical support hotline: 400-658-1009